Monday, 21 February 2011

i think there is a very definited blurring between an escort and a partner/girlfriend/wife. the majority are sadly not together (in the long haul at least) for love, but for money / practical reasons. very sad observation i know but true. comments?

I completely agree with your observation. Inmtersting that some of these women that aren't escorts, would consider escorts beneath them. They wouldn't agree or acknowledge your observation. The clear difference is, as an escort the arrangement is discussed and agreed and out in the open, and both parties know where they stand, whereas in relationships the arrangement can sometimes not be discussed just accepted by both parties. Many women marry for money and/or stay with someone for money. Personally I couldn't do it, I'd rather earn my own money and be financially independent.

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why do you think men and women are so fixated on sex? and why do you think there is such a stigma about nudity? deep questions i know, lol, but really really interested in your answer(s).

I don't think everyone is fixated on sex. Some are some aren't. The people who are fixated on it, are for different reasons. Some do it to boost self confidence, some do it for thrills, some are sex addicts, some stress relief... all sorts of reasons.

The stigma about nudity comes from us being pudish Brits. I think the human body is beautiful and a perfect example of natural art. I've never had any issue with nudity. I remember my dad being horrified when I showed him my first nude photograph. I had modeled for a lad on a photography course at aged 17, but previously I'd done life drawing at uni, so it was no big deal to me. The naked body can be beautiful without being sexual.

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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Monday, 7 February 2011

Following a relationship ~(18 months) - How long is acceptable before dating again?

when ever you feel ready to. Please ask some none generic questions Dave! I'm going to have to delete the others - I'm sorry lol :)

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Do you think girls are happier than boys? In general. Interested to know what you think. Think there is a lot of pressure on people these days to be seen to conforming to the stereotypical relationship portrayed by the media etc.

again i don't know how I am supposed to know this answer, without researching it. I think both men and women are increasingly becoming more insecure (especially with regards to their looks) due to pressure from the media

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